Consumer Financing

consumer-financingConsumer Financing Options Aimed at Helping Both You and Your Customers

As a business owner, you know how important it is to focus on providing exceptional customer service. Often, that service will extend to offering finance options to help your customers to better afford your products or services. While they no doubt value this option, it can cause you extra stress as you’re forced to focus on chasing down payments on top of your regular business responsibilities. We at SJB Growth capital can offer you a solution to this problem through our many consumer financing options.

Comprehensive Benefits

Our goal is to help you and your customers build outstanding business relationships. By taking advantage of our consumer finance options, you allow yourself the freedom to focus on those aspects of your business that you do best by leaving the responsibility of collecting payments to us. We’ll even buy any installment contracts, credit agreements, or your portfolio of current customer loans from you.

For your customers, our service offers them a number of advantages over traditional bank loans. These include:

  • 6 months same as cash and other financing incentives
  • Tiered pricing structures
  • Financing options for customers with poor credit
  • Instant processing and approval

Your ability to help your customers through financing is a valuable service. Let us here at SJB Growth Capital help support that service by offering you more efficient financing tools and by assuming your current finance contracts. To learn more about the many advantages our programs have to offer you, call and speak with an SJB financial expert today.