Project Financing

project-financingSJB Growth Capital Solutions for Complex Project Financing Management

Securing capital for large business projects is a complex process that requires expert management. SJB Growth Capital has the experience to properly structure your company’s large project. We will find a finance solution with the rates and terms that work for your business. Our relationship with capital partners interested in large-scale investments gets you access to the kind of funding necessary for these types of sizable endeavors.

Large Project Financing With SJB Growth Capital

Our finance experts have extensive experience analyzing businesses to structure the best finance plan for large transactions. We can get you access to $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 for your project through the following types of financing:

  • Venture Capital: Private equity for early development or expansion
  • Energy Financing: Energy-related large project finance
  • Equity Financing: Capital partner finance solutions
  • Mezzanine Financing: Financing based on company assets
  • Debt Financing: Loan structures with collateral security for large projects


A large project funding solution usually involves more than one type of financing over the different phases of the project. The larger your company’s endeavor is, the more complex the solution will be. SJB Growth Capital has the knowledge and ability to analyze your business project and secure the appropriate funds no matter how large your project plans are.


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