Referrals and Brokers


Calling All Brokers!

Being a broker in today’s competitive commercial finance market can be both incredibly rewarding and extremely frustrating. The rewards lie in the potential for those hefty commission checks that come from setting up lucrative deals, yet frustration can also rule your world if a lack of resources keeps you from being able to close those deals for your clients. If you’re ready to reap those rewards without having to worry about the possibility of frustration, then you should consider our Referral and Broker Program here at SJB Growth Capital.

Outstanding Referral Rates

We understand that as an independent broker, the greatest challenge that you often face is finding the right financing partner to help fund your clients’ deals. We’re here to offer you that assistance. We offer some of the best referral fees and commission rates in the industry when you trust us with your clients’ business. Beyond fiscal rewards, we’ll also repay you with unwavering loyalty, meaning that should your client return to us in the future, we’ll first refer him or her back to you to do business.

Continue Your Career with Us

If you’re a broker that’s tired of working for financing firms that simply don’t have the means to truly meet your clients’ needs, we can offer you the chance to come work for our team. When you choose to work for us directly as part of our Broker Program, you’ll enjoy a number of outstanding benefits, including:

  • A flexible, autonomous work environment
  • Access to one of the largest network of lending and investment partners in the industry
  • An outstanding incentive structure
  • The recognition that comes from working with one of the most trusted names in the business

If you’re looking to further your career and better assist your clients, why not take advantage of this opportunity?

We here at SJB Growth Capital realize that our greatest asset is the team of qualified brokers that we have working for and with us. Whether it’s by referring your clients to us or working with us directly as part of our Broker Program, we value what you as an individual can bring to our company. To learn more about establishing a business partnership with us, call today for more information on our Referral and Broker Program.